About Us

We believe that children learn best through play. Teachers consequently plan and implement programs around the Early Years Learning Framework.  Staff plan programs around children’s interests and that which is essential to their growth and development. Programs are displayed at the service. Programs and reviews are also shared with families on the Storypark App.

Our Philosophy
  • At Vasey Park Preschool we recognize and respect the Wurundjeri people as the traditional custodians of the land on which we learn. We acknowledge the Aboriginal people as the first people of Australia and value their knowledge and culture.
  • Our centre follows the guiding principles of the National Quality Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework, encompassing the values of Belonging, Being and Becoming which are embedded within our program. We believe in providing an inclusive and high-quality developmental program which are active play based, with a combination of child-initiated learning, adult enriched learning, children’s interests and intentional teaching. We encourage each child to have fun and learn through play.
  • We recognise that each child is unique and valued. We view children as capable, competent, co-contributors’ and acknowledge them as active participants in their own learning.
  • We aim to foster self-worth in each child. We promote relationships of trust and respect, to enhance each child’s sense of well-being, security and identity.
  • Vasey Park Preschool is a child safe service. Child Safe Standards guide our practices and we ensure that the safety and well-being of each child is paramount.
  • We acknowledge, respect and support the role of parents as their child’s 1st As a community-managed centre, we recognize the value of the family and their involvement during their child’s time with us. We believe in working in partnerships with our families and strongly encourage family participation at all levels and times within the centre.
  • We believe that all children should be treated with equity and their diverse backgrounds acknowledged. We embrace the diversity of our community and encourage each child and their family to share their culture, language, and ideas.
  • We believe that all children have the right to high quality early childhood education that is sensitive to their needs and is provided within a safe, caring, stimulating and healthy environment.
  • We value and respect staff individuality, knowledge, qualifications, experience and encourage growth and positive team co-operation. Our teachers & educators are positive role models, guiding behaviour by example, and interacting with children in a way that encourages learning as a pleasant and enjoyable experience. By using reflective practices and continually developing our professional knowledge and skills, they can provide the best possible learning and developmental opportunities for all children.
  • We believe the rights of all individuals who enter our centre are acknowledged and treated with respect – we welcome you all to it!
  •  We are a child safe service. Child Safe Standards guide our practices  https://ccyp.vic.gov.au/child-safe-standards/the-11-child-safe-standards/  

Parental Involvement

We welcome parents to participate in their child’s session at Vasey Park Preschool. It is a great opportunity for parents to become involved in the program, to spend individual time with their child, to observe their child interacting with others, to see what happens at preschool and to share one’s knowledge and talents i.e playing a musical instrument, sewing, gardening, pottery etc..

Committee of Management

Vasey Park Preschool is a community run kindergarten. The kindergarten operations are managed by a group of volunteer parents.

A Committee of Management is elected at the Annual General Meeting held in Term 4. The Committee of Management is made up 4 Executive members: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and a minimum of 6 general members. All positions must be filled to ensure the preschool can operate.

Meetings are held on a monthly basis and all parents are welcome to attend and join our Committee of Management.

Our Offerings
  • Dedicated and Fully Qualified Staff :
    • Specialised Training in Early childhood Education
    • First Aid, Asthma & Anaphylaxis Training
    • Child Safe Training
    • Police Checked
    • VIT Registration
    • Working with Children’s Check
    • Ongoing Professional Development
  • Modern Facilities
  • Ample off street parking
  • Close to schools, Transport & Shopping centres


Vasey Park has policies which ensure effective and efficient running of the centre. Copies of the policies are available for viewing in our foyer at the kindergarten. We encourage all parents/guardians to become familiar them.

Vasey Park Preschools’ policies include:

Group and Session Times

Vasey Park Preschool offers sessions for both 3- and 4-year olds. We have two integrated three and four year old groups: (Koala and Kangaroo).

Koala Group (3 and 4 year old)

Kangaroo Group (3 and 4 year old)

Vasey Park Preschool Timetable for 2023 and 2024 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 

8:30am – 2:30pm

(6 hours)


8:30am – 2:30pm

(6 hours)


8:30am – 11:30am

(3 hours)


8:30am – 2:30pm

(6 hours)


8:30am – 2:30pm

(6 hours)



12.00pm – 3.00pm

(3 hours)






All Teachers and Educators at Vasey Park Preschool are fully qualified and experienced.  All staff are required to have current VIT Registration (Teachers) and Working with Children Checks, Emergency Asthma Management, Anaphylaxis, First Aid and CPR training.

In order to keep staff informed and up to date with teaching practices, professional development and workshops are offered throughout the year.


Nicky – Teacher & Educational Leader

Nicky has been teaching at Vasey Park Preschool for 18 years and teaches the Koala group. Nicky has completed a Bachelor of Arts and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood). Teaching young children has always been a passion and Nicky finds it extremely rewarding to see young children learn and grow.


Sarah – Teacher & Administration Officer

Sarah graduated from a Bachelor of Primary and Early Childhood Education in 2018 and commenced teaching at Vasey Park Preschool. She has always wanted to be a teacher as it is her passion to work with young children and support them to develop, learn and grow. She is the teacher of Kangaroo Group. Sarah is proficient in Arabic. 


Silvana – Educator

Silvana has 14 years experience in Early Years Childhood. Silvana holds a Certificate 3 in Children’s Services and also a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. She loves to sing, dance and cook. Silvana is married with three children and is very excited as she has become a grandmother for the first time. 


Janice – Educator 

Janice has completed a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She is an educator in both Kangaroo and Koala Groups at Vasey Park Preschool. 



Marisa: Educator 

Marisa has completed her Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education and has been working with children with diverse needs for three years prior to working at Vasey. Marisa is very excited to continue in this career and what’s to come in her future.


Sylvia – Educator

Sylvia has over 21 years experience in Early Childhood Education and is an Educator in both Kangaroo and Koala Groups. Sylvia takes pleasure in seeing the growth and development of the children throughout the year. Sylvia has three adult children, and seven grandchildren. She loves spending time with her family and friends.


Anna – Educator

Anna has 37 years experience in Early Childhood Education working in a preschool. Anna is a mother of six children and 16 grandchildren.


Sue- Book Keeper 

Sue has worked at Vasey Park Preschool for 20 years as our bookkeeper. She has found it both enjoyable and challenging at times. The staff and children make it a pleasure to come to work on Thursdays and Fridays.